Paddle Boat Poems

Romance On The Sea

Do you remember our romance?
It was amongst the sea when it was just you and me
staring into the depths of the water.

At that moment I knew I caught her and not a fish but the one I began to kiss,
under the glistening sun I knew you was the one.

I never wanted to let you go, as the waters flowed up and down
and we drifted to the ground.
At that moment my heart drifted into yours,
connecting us as our trust was formed.
Now my heart still paddles like our boat.
When I think of that day all I can say is thank you.

by Paul Marks

Lovely Day

I went to rent a paddle boat, just the other day,
I walked up to the lake side store, where the paddle boats do lay.
There was a man sitting there, who was bald with no hair,
and apparently he wanted me to pay.

So I said to the man, that I have no money,
and it seemed that he would turn me away.
But instead he just grinned, and took me outside,
and brought me to the edge of the bay.

I said "Sir I would love to paddle today,
is there anything that I can do?"
He said "Why yes there is, just the other day,
I was sitting here and I lost my poor shoe."

Sure enough, at the bottom of the lake,
that mans shoe was laying right there,
"If you'll get me my shoe, then I will let you play in a boat",
said the man without any hair.

So as fast as I could, I dove right in,
and retrieved the old mans boot,
I swam back to the bay, and gave it to him,
and was drenched from head to foot.

He said "Thank you young man, now you can play,
with the paddleboat all day long”
I said “Thank you kind sir” as I paddled away,
thinking nothing could ever go wrong.

I splashed and I played, and I paddled away,
in the boat and had so much fun.
I paddled so much, that I barely noticed,
the going down of the sun.

As I was walking back home, I thought to myself,
“what a lovely day this has been.
That a man with no hair,
and the sweet lakeside air
could give a young man such a grin.”

by Michael Colley

I’m a Yellow Paddle Boat

I’m just a yellow paddle boat,
or that’s what some might say
but I’ll tell you what you’re in for fun
just rent me for a day.

If you’ll just move your feet a bit,
I bet we’ll get along.
I’ll listen to you talk or think
or sing a little song.

You can move me if you’re barefoot,
or even with your shoes
and If you’re nice you’re friends can come,
I’ll carry them well too.

Take me just right off the shoreline,
or to the center of the lake,
for as long as you can pedal
I’ll make a little wake.

Now that our ride is over,
I’ll ask you don’t forget
about the little yellow paddle boat
you once decided you would rent.

by Theresa M. Triana

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