A Paddle Boat Relationship

Using paddle boats to build relationships

There are few experiences as rewarding and relaxing on a warm, calm day as paddle boating across a serene lake. Simply setting back to let the legs work the vessel through the waters, crests flickering in the sun, allows the mind to wander where it will. While one can enjoy paddle boating alone or with a partner, there are certain advantages to climbing aboard with someone else at your side.

Most obviously, paddle boats become markedly more agile in the water with two people working the pedals rather than just one. As such, those who need s little speed when out on the water may want to invite a friend along for the day. What would otherwise be a very calm, quiet outing on the water can quickly become a challenging day of physical invigoration and accomplishment. While skating across the water at higher speeds may not be necessary for everyone to have a pleasurable experience, those looking for a little more wind in their hair might jump for a partner.

Paddle boats often provide a setting free from noise – from the middle of a lake, the wind blowing through distant trees and an occasional fish splash may be the only sounds one experiences. While this can be a fantastic opportunity to commune with nature or one's self, simply having someone else to talk to can elevate the experience to a completely different level. Communicating with a friend and sharing adventures out on the water dramatically changes the paddle boat experience, but rarely in anything but a positive way. A beautiful day is nice; sharing a beautiful day can be delightful.

Of course, while setting of into the water in a paddle boat is absolutely a safe and fun way to enjoy the sun and gentle waves, some simply do not like going out alone. For those unaccustomed to such settings, a lake can be a dangerous and frightening place. Just having someone else in the boat can alleviate any stress that might have been on one's mind, and companionship adds another mind to aid in any on-water decisions. A second pedaler makes gentle boating even easier, splitting the load that would otherwise be on one pair of legs in half, and a second body in the paddle boat increases the balance and stability of the craft.

Alone or with a friend, paddle boating is an experience like no other. Getting away from the concerns of shore to enjoy the delights of nature frees the mind from daily concerns and the boater's experience transcends the world of daily troubles. Adding a second boater contributes significantly to that transcendence. A partner provides more power, allowing paddle boats to become faster and even more agile. Partners provide conversation, introducing an element of companionship that elevates a water experience to a human experience. Finally, boating partners provide increased stability in the craft and can ease any fears one has on water. There are countless ways to enjoy paddle boating; introducing friends is just one more opportunity.

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