Paddle Boat Romance

Paddle boats provide a platform from which water can be enjoyed in a variety of capacities. One could certainly set out alone and have a wonderful time, taking in the natural beauty of a lake or other small body of water while relaxing without concern for others. Then again, sharing the experience of paddle boating with others provides an opportunity to grow closer to one's partner through conversation and shared pedaling. While setting out with just about anyone to enjoy a warm day on the water can be extremely enjoyable, a romantic float around a lake can be even better. Spending some time gliding around the water with a love interest is an experience unique to paddle boating, and it works to develop a connection otherwise unattainable with others.

Getting jiggy on a paddle boat

First and foremost, paddle boats allow two romantically motivated individuals to get out and away from the people and problems native to the shore. Unlike a crowded movie theater or noisy, overpriced restaurant, paddle boats get people away from the chaos of contemporary life and into a secluded but comfortable setting. It sets people side by side, ready to see what nature has provided them while encouraging thoughtful conversation. And, of course, it puts people close to one another in an open atmosphere, removing divisions brought about by tables or loud films.

Unlike rowboats, which require at least one person to handle oars, or canoes, which put something in both boaters' hands, paddle boats leave the hands free to share a water scene together. Without being forced to use them for navigation, riders are allowed to gesture towards birds or other wildlife, to hold a cold drink, or even to hold one another. Such is surely not possible while aboard other water vessels, clearly making paddle boats more conducive to romantic settings than other boats.

Lastly, paddle boats provide an outlet through which two individuals can grow together through a shared objective. Regardless of how fast or slow a couple might wish to push their paddle boat, the simple act of working together to meet a common goal can create bonds stronger than those made by any other means. Those inclined to speed around a lake will share a physical experience and become closer through mutual, if not calming, work. Couples interested in taking their time will still gain from the experience of shared responsibility through pedaling.

Whether on a first date or a fiftieth anniversary, paddle boats open the door to a world of romantic possibility. They most certainly transport couples from the stuffy confines of traditional date settings and into a natural, calming and emotive scene. They free the hands from clumsy oars, allowing individuals to hold one another or accomplish a host of other tasks. Finally, they allow couples to bond simply by pedaling next to one another. There are many places a couple can go to grow closer. Few are as satisfying as floating a day away together on a paddle boat.

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