Pedal boats in Sydney, Australia

Here’s a story for you. Every couple of years we fly over to Sydney, to catch up with some friends. We met them on a tour of Europe a few years ago and have visited each other regularly since then.

Sydney is one of those great global cities. There’s something about a city with a big harbor and a grand old lady of a harbor bridge. Reminds me of San Francisco. Whenever a city has a harbor, there are lots of water related activities. In Sydney, you can travel the harbor ferries for days. Visiting little nooks and crannies around the harbor and enjoying all manner of watercraft and entertainment.

In Sydney, you can visit some fabulous seafood restaurants, take the kids to the fairgrounds, or visit the zoo. You can also take them for a ride in some, paddle boats.

West of the city centre, about 45 minutes from the center of town there’s a little bay called Lane Cove. It’s an arm of the harbor. It winds its way inland from the harbor and ends up in the Lane Cove National Park. Right in the middle of suburbia. Although once you get in there, you would never know. The trees and wildlife are a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s iconic cities.

It’s tidal of course, so you need to pick your time to visit, if you want a ride. A couple of hours either side of full tide is good. They hire canoes, boats, water bikes and pedal boats.

It can get real hot in Sydney, around the middle of summer, so many people wear hats. The, paddle boats, also wear hats….or canopies if you prefer, which makes the time spent in them doubly pleasant. A cool breeze off the water…or an occasional splash of water to cool you down, or defend a splash from a passing prankster! The bird life’s pretty active, the feathered ones too! Always something to look at while you’re paddling around in your, paddle boats.

When you’re done, its time for a picnic or a walk through the park. Finish the day by jumping on a bus, or a ferry and you can be back in the city before you know it. If you get to Sydney, don’t miss out on visiting Lane Cove. There’s heaps to see around the city, but it can get a bit hectic in town. As Australia’s biggest city the traffic and the people, can get to you after a while. An afternoon of paddle boats in a national park, enjoying the natural setting, is just what you need to cool you down and get the “happy factor” soaring again.

Article by John Franzis
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