The Art of Fishing with a Pedal Boat

Pedal boating is a relaxing and rewarding experience. Simply drifting across a clear lake, soaking in the warm sun above, can set the mind at ease in a way no other activity can. But the possibilities of the pedal boat do not stop at simple relaxation, and much more can be done with such a vessel than absent minded wandering through the water. Practical applications are numerous, but pedal boats provide a particularly strong platform for fishing in particular. After all, if you are going to be out on the water anyway, why not bring in dinner while you are at it?

Balance can be a frightening idea when some inexperienced pedal boaters reflect on the prospect of fishing, but it is rarely an issue at all. Such boats are far more secure than those new to the sport believe them to be. In fact, most are specifically designed to be almost impossible to flip over, no matter how hard those inside might try. While things may grow slightly more difficult when reeling in a fish, the buoyancy of the boat provides a stable anchor for the fisher to safely reel in even the largest freshwater catch.

Even though it may not appear so at first, most pedal boats also have ample room for all the supplies a well-prepared fisher might need. Oftentimes pedal boats have specific areas for storage where tackle boxes, nets, and other equipment may be stored. Fishing poles are certainly no problem – any nook in the boat will provide space to lean the end of a pole. Finally, fish may be tethered off the side of the boat, directly in the water, to keep them fresh for cooking once on shore. Naturally, the less one takes on the pedal boat the more room they will have, but there is no reason even someone new to such boats could not have a pleasant fishing experience.

Finally, pedal boats allow ways of fishing that other craft do not. Unlike large, unwieldy boats frequently used for fishing, pedal boats are much smaller and more maneuverable. It is much easier to get in the remote coves of any lake in a pedal boat, gliding calmly into waters packed with neglected fish. Perhaps most significantly, navigating with the feet frees up the hands to manage a fishing pole, string bait on a line, or cast out into the waters – all while moving across the surface. With the hands unencumbered by pedals, the fisher has the freedom to work with ease.

It is not difficult to find an excuse to climb in a pedal boat and set off from the shore. Any day is great for boating, particularly in such a calming and refreshing vessel as a pedal boat. Yet some practices are even better suited to the boat, and fishing is certainly one. With ample room for gear, stability of balance, and the freeing effects of pedals on hands, pedal boating is surely a fine way to enjoy a lazy afternoon of fishing.

Relaxing while fishing with a pedal boat
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